I am grateful… I am grateful….. I am grateful….

The ability to be ‘screen mean’ or ‘fully frustrated’ is enormous and generally that means take it out on Mum cos she is working at home and available to rant on.

Letter to my Sister

I guess you need to have a sibling who doesn’t give a shit to understand the hurt and emotions coursing through my mind. Told him I am grieving for the death of my family. He thinks that’s dramatic, but it’s how I feel. Deep down inside.

Fidget spinners

The fidget spinner is the latest craze to hit our schools. What are they? A spinning little ‘fisbee’ like hand tool that allows the kid to fidget below the desk, and keep their hands occupied instead of causing problems in the class.http://amzn.to/2q6ca08

Amazon Prime is awesome

Seriously, I love it.  Next day delivery, especially when I forget stuff for friends or family. Add to that you get Amazon Video (Movies) included in the price so the kids and I can watch movies on holiday ( none of that downloading 100 movies on a hard drive to watch later.  We never do […]

You keep me believing….

IT’s bloody hard to do, and basically, it’s crap. We feel MUCH better if people, OTHER people tell us how awesome we are.

When yes starts to mean no…..

And that is when you realise Yes means No. Or may it means ‘If I Feel Like It’. What it DOESN’t mean is whatever you want into mean.

Things to invest in this year

I’ve always said I often see the trend way before other people, so I’m going to list in 3 things to invest in this year to make you successful in the long run.

frustrated mum

What drives me mad 1 – leaving things to the last minute

I guess leaving things to the complete last minute is what makes her happy, but it COMPLETELY drives me mad.

Black Friday is on at AMAZON


Is TV dumbing us down?

Whilst the final US Election 2016 result was a bit of a shock to me, I’ll admit, I am not terribly surprised it ended up this way.

I think this is what you get for taking culture, music and sports away from kids and letting them sit in front of screens all day.

Attitude for gratitude

All told, the problem is really my problem. I need to manage my own expectations and especially my thoughts. I need to not put what I would do upon other people.

To be grateful every day is a gift

To tell you the truth, we are always so busy trying to get more, be more, and make more. we are so busy looking to the future, trying to get there, that we spend all our time looking there and not appreciating the here and now.

frustrated mum

Manners can be taught but not imposed

But the fact that other kids walk INTO my house, and don’t understand that some type of manners are required, beggars me.

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