Teaming up – Sainsburys and Starbucks

Ok – so I had a brainwave today. needs to team up with and put a coffee shop in every store. It’s a win-win. Why did I worry about this mundane issue today? for a few reasons: 1) There isn’t a Starbucks in my town ( there is a Costa). 2) Generally parking near any […]

The more premissive you are,the bigger the trouble ahead

If kids think you think it’s ok, then they will try it! 40% of 15 year-olds have experienced being drunk twice¬† – or so they say. Well….. I’ not sure what kids they are talking about, because as a parent I know where my kids are. Sometimes I see kids walking along the street at […]

Bring rugby boots quickly!

“Bring rugby boots quickly please!” – a text from my son on a Friday afternoon.¬† He knows I amnot the ‘bring things to school’ type of Mum. I don’t do that. I don’t bring thigs to school, or get involved with teachers, or make school lunch. It’s not what I do. So today I searched […]

shadowboxing cat

What do you think of ‘selfies’?

If you are posting pictures of yourself in every bathing costume you own, on everey holiday , in every country, at every party, with every dress or occaision possible – GET OVER IT AND STOP.
NO-ONE is that gorgeous. Glad you think you are, but really, we don’t.

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Looking for Halloween ideas for the little ones?

I actually think she’s been quite inventive, and it looks great. For a zombie type event.

I am testing posting emails

The prettiest dog ever…

taking time out

What do you do for yourself?

So I changed the way I do things this year. I decided I needed to do something for ME!
So, everyone who knows me knows I love cricket. I also love training my dogs. Both are outdoors activities, and I am an ‘outdoorsy’ person, so that suits me well.

Rage against the teenager

My daughter missed her school bus today because she was watching tv on her laptop in her room. RAGE!!
I don’t allow the kids to watch tv before school, because this is what happens. They forget time.
They don’t get ready, and they miss things – like school books, or homework, or BUSSES.

sleeping dog

You can choose how to react……

He could look at it as if it was a alarm clock urging him to do exercise and get healthy – in otherwise in a POSITIVE light. Instead of being grumpy and moaning. That doesn’t help anyone.


Birthday presents

Looking for a present for me?
Here’s an idea …..

buying a car for your child

Stuff I never knew about buying your child a car.

Benefits of people going through parental stages earlier than you! I guess with most peopel it’s their friends going through something a year or two ahead, but I don’t have friends with kids older. Or we know people with kids in their 30’s…. so that doesn’t help. So, there are some of the benefits…. life is full of learning…..

Nelson Mandela

Goodby Madibe – Hamba Kahle

What we forgot is that Mandela saw no person above another. He wanted everyone to prosper.

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