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So, I’ve been listening to people, and parents and other individuals. Know what? I’ve come to the conclusions that the whole world suffers from a lack of Common Sense. Serious –  lack – of – common – sense.

So I came up with a brilliant idea. Most people can’t stand my brashness. My assertiveness, and my ‘just get it done’ attitude. What they do love, is the  fact that I do ‘get it done’ – in most cases!! (There must be some irony there).

So I should start a website called “Things You Don’t Want To Hear – a Common Sense blog”. Basically a dose of my common sense.

Seeing as I manage to make quite a few people uncomfortable with the ‘truth’ already, I don’t think I have much to lose – do you? You can’t lose friends you don’t really have…..

SO – what type of things would I put on the site?



  1. If you eat more calories than you use, you will get larger. Diet is SOOOOO important……etc
  2. If you don’t do some exercises every day, you will definitely be LESS mobile in your old age (logical)…
  3. If you buy take outs more than you cook at home – you will not be healthy…..
  4. If your kids have more than 2 hrs screen time a day, you are making a rod for your own back…..
  5. If you don’t encourage sport in kids, and especially TEAM sports, your kids will be more socially awkward….
  6. If you don’t invest in your relationships, you won’t be encouraging people to invest time in you….

Oh boy I have SO many more topics and ideas.  Mainly from watching people every day, and talking to people who have so many ‘problems’. Most of them caused by their own actions!!

What do you think? Everyone has an opinion….. I just tend to voice mine!!


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