Attitude for gratitude

That’s my mantra for the last month. I am really trying hard to try to be grateful for what I have.

I find myself not grateful for the good things. I don’t appreciate the good things I have, and that’s silly.

I tend to live completely the past or the future, always looking either behind to what did happen and I wish had happened, or forward to what I want to happen in the future.

The problem with all this ?  EXPECTATIONS.

  • I have totally unrealistic expectations.
  • I expect people t act the way I want them to.
  • I expect people to understand what I want
  • I expect people to do things they can’t ( or won’t) do.
  • I expect too much.

All told, the problem is really my problem.  I need to manage my own expectations and especially my thoughts. I need to not put what I would do, upon other people.

Easier said than done though.  I have lived in the past and in the future for so long, that I have to change a very set mindset.

None -the-less, we must persevere, we must adapt and we must continue, and IRose intend to do all of those things.


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