Bring rugby boots quickly!

“Bring rugby boots quickly please!” – a text from my son on a Friday afternoon.  He knows I am not the ‘bring things to school’ type of Mum.

I don’t do that. I don’t bring thigs to school, or get involved with teachers, or make school lunch. It’s not what I do.

So today I searched the house, found the filthy boots, and took them down to school.. after that I got a text saying “I have to go to maths meet you a L******** at 1:45pm”   – except I had left already, and I was now going to wait at school for 20 mins, which is why I don’t do the school drop off thing!!

So, when I get to school, I watch the swans for 20 mins, and then I see my son walking into his house, I text him to say ” I am here” and he comes out to fetch the boots.

I open the window, and he says : “I looove you!”

I reply :”You owe me honey, I don’t do this.”

He says “This is what you signed up for – you are a Mum.”

I say : ” Are you kidding?”

He says :” It’s what Mums do – and you are a Mum – so you have to!” and he grabs the boots and runs away saying “Thank you”.

There you have it – that’s a Mum’s lot apparently. I can’t remember ever having the guts to say something like that to my Mum. I also can’t remember my Mum ever bringing me anything to school.  EVER.  So when did it become a mum’s lot to be a servant to the kids?

Ask a teenager – they seem to know!


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