Doing it all…..

For your kids. It’s not something I believe in. I believe kids should be able to try do stuff on their own early in life so that they can ‘fall back’ on us or call on us for help if they get it wrong.

Obviously you let them watch you doing it once or twice, and you maybe get them to help a little next time, but eventually you let them do it all themself! Wow – Like a BIG BOY / GIRL.

Bake a cake with a little instruction, it flops – bake another one!

Make pasta – tastes like cardboard – make another batch!

Paint a cupboard and it has streaks, sand it down and paint it again!

Change a bicycle wheel / a light bulb  / a plug / a cd / a piece of clothing in a shop

Ask for help in a shop whilst you are there with them so that when they start shopping with teenage friends (and not you) they can ask for help confidently.

Let them learn the little things, so when they are on their own the big things are not so daunting.

Teach they how to buy wisely, not quickly.

In other words – help them figure out the TINY things because then the big things are easy.

It’s like learning to ride a horse – first time we help them into the saddle….








Next time we get them to do it themselves…..

Some parents believe in the opposite. Cook every meal for them. Make every cup of tea. Cut every fruit. Make every school lunch.  Carry every bag. Buy every toy and open it up for them. Bake every cake. Set every table and pour their drinks.  Etc – do everything, even when they are adults, keep on doing it.

What is your opinion on the matter? Comment below please! I’d love to hear what other people have to say about it.

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