Go VOTE!! It’s important!

Today is #GeneralElectionDay. It’s also Parish Governor election day and Councillor Elevote_ukction day.

So we get to vote 3 times!

The problem is : I didn’t know a thing about the Parish vote. I don’t know a single person on the list other than the one person running for MP in General Election, and I don’t know what the Parish Governors do!

So, I voted for the young girl that was 20. Because I believe young people should get involved! Good for her!  I also think women should have good strong opinionated positions in the running of things in the community.

Women tone down the testosterone quotient. They are more community minded. They talk more, and listen better.

So I voted on all. Because if I don’t vote, I can’t complain. If I don’t try to make things better – I can’t complain.

I vote – I work harder to make things better. I use my voice.

GO use yours!!



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