I am grateful… I am grateful….. I am grateful….

summer fun

Every day you have to wake up and be grateful for something. It’s a healthy practice.

This week I am grateful for loads of things :

The sun shining today.

The great lunch I had

The lovely fresh food we get each week

My daughter working hard at her job to earn for Uni expenses

The fact that I have not thrown my son out the house ¬†when he’s rude

The sunshine which means my son can’t hide in his room and not cut the grass for me.

etc , etc etc.

Yes, I’m struggling with the 10 week holiday that a 16 year old lays in his bed for , despite my wrangling, moaning, shouting, pleading, cajoling and bribing him to do just about anything else. ANYTHING else.

The job hunt has been half-hearted.

The friends all seem to be otherwise engaged ( or too far away).

The motivation to do sport is rather lax.

The ability to be ‘screen mean’ or ‘fully frustrated’ and grumpy, is enormous, and generally that means take it out on Mum cos she is working at home and available to rant on.

Help – send re-inforcements!!!! I canna take it Captain!

It’s a toss-up between insisting he is out of his bedroom doing something ( sniping at me seems to be the order of the day) or in his bedroom holed up in the dark doing god knows what. I’m to sure what the lesser of two evils is ….

Update : he got a job, earned money, worked DAMN hard, and bucked up! I love my kids!!



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