Is TV dumbing us down?

I’ve always said, is the easiest way to take over a country is to do it from the inside.  That is, you put on TV shows that ‘dumb down the population, and that teaches them what you want them to know only.  Does nOT educate and stimulate them to think for themselves.

Then you get them to vote for you.

Welcome to America.  Where people watch TV shows with canned laughter and stupid jokes.  Where educational shows have been virtually wiped off the programming schedule and political views have been spoon fed to you so you eventually know nothing else.

THAT is how you get a Hillary vs Trump election – and Trump wins.  Land of the brave and the free no more.

Yes, it’s controversial to say these things – but if someone doesn’t say them – them who will.? Watch Chelsea on Netflix – she says all kinds of controversial stuff and the has her own show!

Whilst the final US Election 2016 result was a bit of a shock to me, I’ll admit, I am not terribly surprised it ended up this way.

I think this is what you get for taking culture, music and sports away from kids and letting them sit in front of screens all day.

Good luck America!!



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