Life skills and University

Happy Kids OutdoorI recently read an article that a Stanford University dean said that kids that arrived at University were unable to cope with little things in life due to the fact that we don’t  teach them life skills.

“Julie Lythcott-Haims noticed a disturbing trend during her decade as a dean of freshmen at Stanford University. Incoming students were brilliant and accomplished and virtually flawless, on paper. But with each year, more of them seemed incapable of taking care of themselves.”

She says we are afraid to let our kids fail.  We also stop them form learning how to do things themselves. We are afraid to let them pay for their own stuff and have to sacrifice things when they can’t.  Apparently helicopter parenting is killing the new generation.

One thing she believes is that chores foster a sense of accountability and work ethic.  I have always believed that and my kids have always had chores. However, my partner’s child has never had chores, and he has a great work ethic – so how do you equate that?

My kids were taught life skills all the time, and his was not, and they all seem to cope fine. So how do you figure out that? Perhaps it does not matter at all – teaching them life skills. Perhaps my life long moral and values are not valuable in modern society, or in life these days.

Who says the Stanford University dean is right (along with all the other people that have written articles and books on the subject) – perhaps they are all wrong.

Crikey – I could have saved myself so much time and anguish if I believed that in the beginning!

I wonder who’s going to win this race? It would be fun to see, I can’t wait hear who wins!

















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