Looking for Halloween ideas for the little ones?

Growl!Looking for Halloween ideas for the little ones?

Halloween Fancy Dress on Amazon has a few ideas!

My daughter, on the other hand has her all sorted out! I didn;t even know, but she had orederd from Amazon with her new debit card, and got it all sent out from China!! Wow – the wonders of modern technology. Now they can go out and shop and you have no control at all!!

The only little thing that went wrong was the chinese sent out the wrong corset size. (Did I say CORSET? Oh, yes I did). Luckily Mom came to the rescue with safety pins and it all looks fine. I’m lucky they did send the wrong one or I might not have seen the outfit till Halloween! I actually think she’s been quite inventive, and it looks great. For a zombie type event.

So, Halloween is here again and we are all sorted! Or my daughter is, and that’s good enough for me.
Must go out to buy treats now!!

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