Manners can be taught but not imposed

It always amazes me how teenagers don’t seem to have manners these days.  MaybeI’m being unfair, maybe they DO have manners, but it seem they don’t display them.

On Saturday, a bunch of kids arrived to meet at our house to go off to a Comic Convention.  They arrived, entered the house ( I did not open the door as I was upstairs) and they went into the lounge and sat and chatted.

When I came downstairs, and walked into the lounge, none looked up and said hello until I did. ( I waited a few minutes just see). The boy that had arrived continued to be seated and completely ignore me until I said “And who are you?”

Him: no answer

Girl teenager; “Matt”

Me : “Oh, hello Matt. Nice to meet you, I’m Wendy”

Matt: “Oh”


Didn’t stand up, did not shake hands, did not even have a conversation – NOTHING!

Now, I’m not a perfect mum by any matter.  I have drummed manners into my kids and they STILL don’t do it.  My son struggles to look at people when they are talking to him, and he never walks up and shakes hands, until the other person puts out their hand.  I have done everything I can think of to get him to do all this first, but I think it must be a confidence thing. It drives me mad.

I won’t give up.

But the fact that other kids walk INTO my house, and don’t understand that some type of manners are required, beggars me.  I have always taught my kids the FIRST thing to do is to walk into the house, find the parents, and say hello or introduce yourself.  EVERY TIME.  Even if you have been there before, you go and say hello.

You also say GOODBYE.

Not Matt – he just walked out the house at some time in the morning after sleeping over. No  thank you, no goodbye, just slipped out the door like a thief.  Or maybe just like a teenager.

Yes, I know, I have expectations of other people’s kids. I shouldn’t expect other kids to have the same manners mine do (or don’t have) – but what I think I’m expecting is the fact that the have BASIC manners.

Is saying hello and goodbye to the home owner not a basic mannerism?

Comments people please? Who agrees or disagrees?

Thanks so much for reading.



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