Rage against the teenager

My daughter missed her school bus today because she was watching tv on her laptop in her room. RAGE!!
I don’t allow the kids to watch tv before school, because this is what happens. They forget time.
They don’t get ready, and they miss things – like school books, or homework, or BUSSES.

OMG!! How frustrated can a mom get?

frustrated mum

Believe me, it’s not because we haven’t set the rules down before – MULTIPLE TIMES!

I do NOT believe in TV’s in bedrooms. Period. End of. I don’t care how many friends have tv’s in their bedrooms. you’re NOT having one. ….. unless of course you get a laptop to do HOMEWORK and turn it into your own personal TV in your room.

My fault, I kind let the ‘laptops downstairs only‘ rule ride a little, peace and quiet in her bedroom doing homework seemed a much better idea.  But teenagers are sneaky.  The get around the rules.  I lose.

The other thing, is they never feel like they did wrong! After a discussion about how she knew that tv watching in the  bedroom was a no-no – and she missed the bus her only words were “Well, I haven’t missed the bus in ages…”. NOT THE POINT!!!

My partner’s son racked up a £100 mobile phone bill over 2 days cos he was so desperate to watch a series and his home wi-fi was down. So he made his mobile pone a wi-fi hotspot, linked it to his laptop, and watched them online! Ooooops!!
Not his fault though, the provider should have ‘sent a text message or warned him’…… actually they DO – when you take out the contract.  Read the fine print, and his Dad warned him about 3G data use. But noooooo…… not his fault and he thinks they ripped him off…… uh….no!  They ran a legitimate business and you think you are above their charges, and should be entitled to  more!  Teenagers!!

It’s amazing! And I hate technologhy for it. I am so sick of policing the dam use of it for my kids, and having to set time limits, and use limits, and other things.  I often wonder if I should bother. Let them go feral.  Most other kids seem to be, and their parents don’t seem to mind. My son is the only child in his class without a phone at 13.  He was at 10!

Anyone have a solution to the wonders of technology and teenagres – please let me know in the comments below!!


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