Stuff I never knew about buying your child a car.

buying a car for your childYou can learn from the ‘others side’s’ experiences!

Example: My other half is going through the getting a licence and buying a car for his son who is 2 years older than my oldest. This means that all the investigation and knowledge he gets will hopefully be given to me too ( if he tells me what’s going on). Which means I don’t have to go through the same pain with my child in 2 years.

So, I learn about insurance, I learn about the types of car best to buy, and I learn about driving instructors. It’s a wealth of information I never thought about, although I had been thinking about the car already, as I was not that interested in buying an expensive car for a child to throw around. I also don’t have enough cash around to be able to buy right now, so I need to plan for that.

Anyway, It’s a great learning curve. First off the son said  “I want a Mustang” ( cos Dad has one) … until Insurance was explained. We guess it’s about £9000 insurance annually. Then it was “Here are some new cars” – until it was explained that new cars lose value the second you drive them off the showroom floor, and a second hand one was a much better idea. Then it was “well I’ve got savings from Mum and Dad – I’ll spend that” – a considerable sum of money.

This is an idea I was totally opposed to as I feel the son won’t appreciate anything just ‘given’ to him unless he had to pay towards it ( he has a job). That idea stuck for a while, but I think it’s waned. So the car hunting will no go ahead in earnest. It’s an interesting event. This is what I have learnt:

  • The smaller the engine the lower the insurance.
  • An adult has to be insured on the car as well while he holds a provisional licence (obviously).
  • Adding a second adult at a different address has no bearing on cost.
  •  A black box does help the annual cost.
  • Insurance premiums only go down after around 25 years of age.
  • You have to have had your derives licence for more than a year to be considered for a more powerful car (i.e. you can’t be insured on a 2.0 litre car under 20 years unless you have far more money than sense).
  • You have to keep your licence clean to be considered for lower insurance at a later date.

See, there’s stuff I never knew! Besides that, having a ‘blended family’ meant I learnt all about GCSE’s before my daughter came along. Mostly what I learnt was of no use, and I now see I was misinformed, because I got only half the story and that has cost us in the long run, but it was very interesting none-the-less. I have also learnt about what ages kids can get jobs, what the working hours are (that info was wrong too, but I got the right stuff online) – I didn’t know there were specific working hours.

See? Benefits of people going through parental stages earlier than you! I guess with most peopel it’s their friends going through something a year or two ahead, but I don’t have friends with kids older. Or we know people with kids in their 30’s…. so that doesn’t help. So, there are some of the benefits…. life is full of learning…..

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