Teaming up – Sainsburys and Starbucks

Ok – so I had a brainwave today.

needs to team up with

and put a coffee shop in every store. It’s a win-win.
Why did I worry about this mundane issue today? for a few reasons:
1) There isn’t a Starbucks in my town ( there is a Costa).

2) Generally parking near any of our Starbucks is a nightmare

3) I have to drive about 3 miles to get a Starbucks

4) I shop at Sainsburys twice a week.

Now, if there was a Starbucks at my Sainsbury’s, I’d get a Caramel Macciato Latte every time – which means they’d get over 200 coffees out of me every year – instead of about 10. That just looks like great business.

How would that solve my problem ( Oh dear – First World issues!) ?

  1. I’d have two sStarbucks quite nearby
  2. There is LOADS of parking at the stores
  3. I’d drive about 1.5 miles
  4. I go there every week anyway!!

On the con side – I’d spend way more cos I’d getthe coffees more often. That’d be a bonus for Starbucks, and the buildings aready exist, so bigger bonus.


So come on #Sainsburys and #Starbucks……

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