The disease of ‘more’

We live in the age of wanting more….

And you know what? It makes you less.

Why? Because more never is enough – no matter how much you want, you what more, so in your mind, you always have less. Clearly not a healthy way to live or think.

Don’t confuse objects with experience. A great piece of art would not equate a fantastic walk along the river in the sunshine on green grass with blue skies above.

I recently listened to a podcast about Turney Duff on the James Altucher show.  Basically it was about how he had everything, millions of dollars, great houses androids of things – and he wanted more, it was never enough.  But when he finally got out of that (and got sober from a very bad drug habit) he had far less and was far happier.  I’m not saying abject poverty makes you happy, I’m saying accepting being ORDINARY makes you happy.

We all need to be happy being ordinary. We all need to learn to be ordinary, and appreciate it, and have gratitude for what we have. The wanting or ‘more’ is leading to greed on a global scale. It has to stop. It’s a disease that no-one has noticed. It has stealthily wheedled our way into our life thanks to media, social pressure and life pressure.

What’s worse, is we have taught our kids that just being them is not enough. Yes, I know you can read all those lovely yummy mummy’s on all the parenting websites tell you how having their kid ‘just be happy’ is enough for them, that ‘following their destiny’ is what matters and ‘doing what they love’ etc…. but they are all lying.  None of them would be happy if their child came home and decided to be a gardener. Not a horticulturist, or a garden designer, just plain gardener.

The wouldn’t be happy if their child wanted to be a dustman (or woman) all day every day for the rest of their lives, because they had potential and wouldn’t be the best they could be. Still, they’ll be telling you at the school gates “as long as they are happy”. Rubbish!

Now let me tell you, I’m the worst for expectations for my kids. I expect whole hell of a lot!! In fact I am the queen of expecting too much.

I also seem to be a slow learner, cos i am finally realising that trying to reach for the highest branch means we don’t appreciate the tree or the view from the branch we are currently on.

Hopefully I can ‘unteach’ my kids …… ordinary is ok, happy is GREAT.

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