The more premissive you are,the bigger the trouble ahead

Roller coaster teenager years

Roller coaster teenager years

If kids think you think it’s ok, then they will try it!

40% of 15 year-olds have experienced being drunk twice  – or so they say.

Well….. I’ not sure what kids they are talking about, because as a parent I know where my kids are.

Sometimes I see kids walking along the street at 10 pm and think “What do their parents think they are doing out at this time?”
“Why aren’t they at home asleep?”

I recently saw a video on how to stop / prevent teenage drinking.

I have a few things to say on this:

  1.  Don’t allow it at home untill an appropriate age.
  2. Don’t be too strict, but make sure your kids know it’s unacceptable to drink before a certain age.
  3. Know where your kids are, and who they are with.
  4. Talk about the effects of alcohol with your kids.
  5. Explain the side effects of social situations (less inhibited, may be sick, etc) and how they might feel.
  6. Have them consider what they might feel like if they drank too much and were video’d by friends who then (unkindly) posted it on social media.
  7. Explain the danger of being drunk and not in control.
  8. DO NOT be their ‘friend’ and drink with them! They have friends, they need a parent!
  9. Understand the peer pressure but help them steer away from it sensibly
  10. Give them you as an excuse to use at any time ” My Dad won’t let me come.” to get out of situations they don’t feel comfortable with. “My Mum would ground me for a month if she smelt it on me.” etc.

The longer you can delay the drinking, the better off they will be. Their bodies will be more mature (young livers can’t process alcohol easily, it’s a toxin to them), their brains will be more logical ( unless it’s a boy – then you have to wait to over 25!), and their choices will hopefully be better given more life experience.

Kids need parents, they need guidance ( and secretly look for it) and they need other people ‘s experience to help them through  life – even if they fight against it! So communicate, grate ( on their nerves), berate ( nicely), and try to relate, so they grow up healthy, happy and well-adjusted!! It’s a rollercoaster we all ride if we have kids!

Happy parenting!




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