Things to invest in this year

I’ve always said I often see the trend way before other people, so I’m going to list in 3 things to invest in this year to make you successful in the long run.

1 – Internet Of Things – investigate companies that are doing things with IOT. They do the software or the house gadgets ( digital Locks etc) – it’s going to take over the world and how we run our houses.

2 – Wearable technology and clothing – buy into companies that are creating jackets that monitor your body temperature, your pulse, your exercise etc. Buy shares in the companies that writes the software, make the chips, make the material, design the clothes etc. Buy the shares and hold them.

3 – Crypto currency – find out what it is. Learn about it, read as much as you can on it, see how it works, and where it works. We’ll all be using it in the next 5 years. Bet on that. Get comfortable with it.

Two things to do this year:

1 – Read a book a month. I’d love to say one a week, but it’s so hard to do that for most people. I know, I struggle with this one, but knowledge is strength, and information i knowledge. Read – everything. As much as you can. In the long term, people will be amazed by how clever you are, and they will want you near them, or working for them.

2 – Exercise – the mind and the body. The older you get, the more difficult it gets. Push yourself to do those 10 000 steps a day at least. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Keep busy, keep fit , walk with friends, dogs, a walking group. You’ll thank me when you are 80 and not stuck in a chair.

You can thank me later once you realise why all this is a good idea. Seriously – find me on Facebook and thank me.

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