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Come fly with me

I have been listening to a CD with Tony Robinson. It’s quite interesting, but sometimes I am distracted by his loudness and rapid speech. None the less, it’s an interesting conversation, and you can get a few little bits out of the CD.

One thing he is big on, is TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your life and your actions.

Now I must admit I am bit on that too. I am so sick of people blaming other people for their problems. Look, I can’t say that sometime I don’t do that – on my really bad days.

But really, you just have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and get on with it. Like I did when I fell off all those horses I rode. I kept getting back on, and riding!

The other thing he said is after 20 yeas of really good boom times, we now have a whole generation of kids who are used to the good times, who are used to lots of money availability, and have always had instant gratification. That’s an interesting thing to think about.

These are the kids who have never had to struggle, or work hard for anything. I don’t mean work – I mean work HARD. Tony thinks these people will collapse in these times, and will not succeed at all in the harder times coming. I think he won’t be far wrong.

So what is going to count in the hard times? Perseverance, not being handed everything, so you have to work for things, because when the hard times hit, you’ll have to work even harder, and keep on doing it, for years maybe. But if you know about working hard, you won’t be upset by it.

Tony says you need to do what you want to do it ALL THE TIME, because eventually it becomes so natural, it becomes part of you. If you write all day, you’ll get better. You swim all day, you’ll get better. You speak all day, you’ll  get better! I keep telling my son this.

I wish my parents had told me this. I really wish I had been told the things my kids learn from me. I wish they had helped me and coached me like I do my kids. When I look at t hem I see how much more enlightened they are than I was at their age. How much more they think, critically and emotionally.

Above all, I wish someone had mentored me to allow me to do so much better and be so much more. For me it was all about virtually falling over things and learning them, and then applying them.  I got so much better as I got older and finally went in the direction I wanted to, but it took so long! I take responsibility now, but it took so long to realise why.

Why? Because when you take responsibility, you can change your life. YOU can CHOOSE what you want to do, and who you want  to be. That’s empowering. That’s freedom, and that’s possible – begin by taking responsibility for your choices and your actions, and your life, and then FLY!



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