To be grateful every day is a gift

picjumbo.com_HNCK3576 bookGratefulness is a practice we don’t often exercise. It’s a thing we seem to have forgotten to do.

I am trying to learn to re practice this exercise. I am trying to be  more grateful.

SO every day I look at the things I have on that day and I try to practice being grateful for them.

In the days when my kids were younger we stat the dinner table each night, and we used to state three things that had happened that were good in the day. Or three things that had happened that were nice.

Yesterday I was grateful for great music, Tony Bennett and Michael Buble.
Today I am happy for the sunshine I sit here writing in. I’m happy for the transport I have. I am grateful I have a full fridge and a lovely house to live in.

To tell you the truth, we are always so busy trying to get more, be more, and make more. we are so busy looking to the future, trying to get there, that we spend all our time looking there and not appreciating the here and now.
I too am guilty of that. I spend my day trying to get things done and finished. Making lists and trying to do everything on them and crossing them off.

I wish to try to appreciate the time I have, the ability to see where I am and what I’m doing and appreciate it.

Now I need to teach the same to my kids – my job is no done yet.

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