What do you do for yourself?

As a mum, there is never enough time for yourself – hell, who am I kidding, there is NO time for yourself!

taking time out

Taking time out ? What’s that?????

But as I went further down the Mum road,  I realised that if I didn’t do something for myself, I’d go mad. Seriously, undeniably, bat- dropping mad.

So I changed the way I do things this year. I decided I needed to do something for ME!

So, everyone who knows me knows I love cricket.  I also love training my dogs.  Both are outdoors activities, and I am an ‘outdoorsy’ person, so that suits me well.

So, over the last 2 years I have learnt how to be a pretty competent scorer in cricket, and for 3 years have scored for my son’s cricket team.

But I needed something else too….

This year I really wanted to get my training going with my dogs. So I went out and found a lovely lady who helped me training, and as a result we became great friends, and now we train together. From that, I learnt my first point :

Train with a partner

Training needs to be done with someone else.
You need a ‘partner’ to train with – and to have a laugh with. It makes it SO much better!

I also learnt a few more things about myself:

– I also learnt that I need as much work as the dog does – actually they are probably much quicker to pick up stuff than I am. I am so busy trying to be perfect, that I forget to relax.  My training partner has noticed that too.  I have to relax more.

– Slow but sure is better than ‘go all out’. I tend to be all gung-ho. I’m not great at baby-steps, but I am learning.
– Watch other people, and learn from them.  There is nothing better than seeing how to do it RIGHT before you try.

So I have started training regularly, and I go to cricket three times a week. the cricket is pertly social, and partly learning a new skill.  This year I decided I needed to learn something new, so I am learning to Umpire. It’s a different skill, but because I had been watching and learning for two years already, I was half way there.

You know what I found out after all this ? Getting out and doing something like this and learning something new, helps me be a better Mum.  I need friends, I need social time, I need to let steam off, and I need to learn new skills so I feel like I am not atrophying into what my teenagers think I really am!!

So, if you are learning a new skill or doing something interesting, leave a comment on this post and tell me what you are doing! Maybe we can help each other one day!



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