What do you think of ‘selfies’?

It seems they are everywhere! You can’t go on any profile on Facebook without seeing a selfie ! I’m not talking about a profile picture, or a promotional (professional) photo. I mean the balatant out and out ‘LOOK AT ME – aren’t I amazing / sexy / lucky to be here / better off than you / doing something more fun than you are’ photo. The SELFIE.

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So I wanted to ask other people what they thought, and posted in one of the groups I am part of: “I am writing about ‘selfies’ and was wondering what everyone thought of them? Nice way to catch up with friend and family? Or fantastic avenue for attention seeking narsissists?”

These are some of the answers I got :

“We used to call it a “Lang arm”…. A way to capture the moment with everyone squeezed in… I do it to get pics of me with my kiddies. I don’t like the teenage version with a girl half naked showing her cleavage or backside. These I think are for attention and are destructive for that person’s self image and asteem (sic)”

“Ok – but you get those types that post every drink they have, every holiday they go on , every stop on every holiday etc. It gets a bit much! It’s like the scenery is not as important as they are in those photos!! It seems much more a teenage / 20s thing ?”

“.I agree to a point with you about having your kids in pics with you. However …in some cases it is too much. ..i.e. This is what they looked like when they woke up this morning. ..this is what we are wearing….this is us having breakfast. ….I think you get the picture. ..I have sadly had to block two of my friends due to this habit. …..take all the photos you need to keep the memories of the kids ..but they don’t all have to be on Facebook. Meaning no insult at all. …my observations is that this habit is more common with the females.”

“Both. ..It becomes easy after a while to see who is using them for what reason. ….. Some definitely qo a little overboard here.”

No real consensus, some seee it as a fun thing, some as a pain etc.

So here’s my opinion: If you are posting pictures of yourself in every bathing costume you own, on everey holiday , in every country, at every party, with every dress or occaision possible – GET OVER IT AND STOP.
NO-ONE is that gorgeous. Glad you think you are, but really, we don’t.

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