What drives me mad 1 – leaving things to the last minute

Yep – it drives me completely mad. Example : It is now 17:01. My daughter is meant to feed the dogs at 17:00. However, she has to cut up the pieces, and then give it to the dogs, let them out afterwards, and then let them in.

At 17;30 her job starts. It takes at least 10 minutes to get there, and she has to:
1) Get food ready for work.
2) Get ready for work – get changed into her uniform etc.
3) Tidy up the mess in the kitchen she made.

None has been done. Yet.

I guess leaving things to the complete last minute is what makes her happy, but it COMPLETELY drives me mad.

We eat dinner at 18:30pm and the food is ALREADY on now … so I can be sure it’s cooked and ready in plenty of time.

I seriously doubt all she needs to do will be done by 17:20, and so she will be late for work. Which also drives me mad.

I am always early. Because things happen along the way you can’t account for. Like road blocks or stuff. The last place she went to she left it late, then couldn’t find it and was very nearly VERY late for the test. So she went in stressed. The one before that she sat outside till the last minute and when she went up for the test she saw a note saying it was the wrong place – too late to get to the right place. Which is why I go early, check out it’s the right place etc.

I always say if you are late you are telling the person you are meeting that their time is not valuable to you.

I also say if you are 10 mins early you are on time and if you are on time – you’re late. SO be early!
I don’t know where I get it from, but it’s one of my pet hates.

I guess that’s why we butt heads – cos we are so different!! Takes all kinds to make the world, now …breathe…… breathe……

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