The History of Theatre…..not what we think it is?

The history of theatre is fascinating and diverse.  Whilst Greek theatre can be traced back to the 6th century BC, I think that theatre, in it’s totality, is often simply a projection of real life.

I think the history of Teatre can be traced back to when the Neanderthals existed.   I am sure the stories told around the fire of the hunt of that sabre- toothed tiger, or the woolly mammoth, and everyone’s part in the  hunt, would be enthusiastically and some times loudly re-enacted to the tribe members that were not part of the hunt that time.

So the history of theatre goes back to before the Greeks, the Romans or the Vikings. It gets back to the Neanderthals.  THEY began theatre. They retold stories of hunts to tribe members. THEY started telling storied that were to be repeated generation after generation, for prosperity. Those stories became songs that the Native Americans sing, and the Irish sing in their folk songs.

The history of theatre is actually a history of the portrayal of real life experiences, which has evolved into stories adapted ( Shakespeare), musicals ( Les Miserable/ Sound of Music), and concerts, opera, stage shows and festivals.

Now we are lucky enough to be able to watch theatre for pure pleasure, and enjoyment, not to ‘have’ to ensure the longevity of our heritage or stories.

The History of Theatre does not just go back to Greek tragedies and love stories, it goes back further, and I, for one, and grateful.

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