What to call your boyfriend?

What should one call one’s boyfriend when you are over 40?

A partner? A lover? My man? Boyfriend?

I like boyfriend – I don’t care it’s like you are 15 again – hell, I’d LOVE to be 15 again. No worries, and a boyfriend!!

My boyfriend hates ‘boyfriend’.  I hate Partner.  I’m not gay. You are a MAN – not a non-gender specific person. I am a WOMAN.  We are heterosexual.  Should I call him that?

“This is my heterosexual partner”.

Partner – noun

1.a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor; sharer; associate.

So, if I share my life, not my money, your house, not your money. I share food with you.  We share a car sometimes. Does that make us partners? Possibly.

Boyfriend: – noun

1.a frequent or favorite male companion; beau.
2.a male friend.
3.a male lover.
Aha! All of the above. Everything else is extra I recon.  So I DO have a boyfriend – and a lover! And he’s male.  Guess what? It fits!

I like boyfriend. Not partner – what do you like?

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