When yes starts to mean no…..

Once your kids get to a certain age – yes starts meaning no – and you don’t really realise till it happens a lot.

“Will you do your homework now?”


and then you get a note from the teachers saying the home work was not handed in ….
“Will you bath tonight?”

and then you get into bed aft you have tidied up, packed the dishwasher, cleaned surfaces etc, and realise it’s 10:30 and no-one bathed.

“Will yo come home for dinner?”

and then you get a text message 10 mins before dinner saying ‘I’m leaving in 30 mins – be home soon’ – when dinner will be cold and other people starving.

You’d have thought after 15 or so years in your house they would have figured out what time dinner was – same time every day for almost 12 years….

And that is when you realise Yes means No. Or may it means ‘If I Feel Like It’. What it DOESN’t mean is whatever you want into mean.

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