You can choose how to react……

It’s sometimes not our choice as t how we end up in a situation. But it is our choice how we react.

Like this morning. My OH is really grumpy because he’s woken up by the puppy. For quite a few months the pup has woken up early, cried,I go down and let her out, put her back to bed and come up.

Two hours later I wake the kids for school, pup hears and starts crying and my son has to go feed an wee them.  He tends to take his time doing it, so the pup cries for 20 mins or so.

This makes partner VERY GRUMPY. So, instead of moaning at me that ‘things have to change’ he could go do the 2nd dog shift himself, and then work out on the bicycle for 30  mins after, thus doing me, and himself a great service.

sleeping dog

Needless to say I offered this very helpful suggestion this morning – which made him grumpier…… NOT taken well.

But he could CHOOSE to react better and make a positive experience….. I hope he does …eventually.

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