You keep me believing….

“When all is lost, when faith has lost all feeling , you keep me believing.”

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Basically – that’s what we all want from our partners.

Especially women. Basically we want someone to tell us – reasonably often – how amazing they think we are.

I’m always impressed by men ( or women) who tell the world , on TV, or FB or other media, how wonderful their partner is.  How they couldn’t live without them.  That’s what we want isn’t it?  Thats what kids look for from their parents, and their teachers, their bosses, and we all look for in our life partner.

Fuck all that “you have to love yourself first and be happy IN yourself” shit. IT’s bloody hard to do, and basically, it’s crap.  We feel MUCH better if people, OTHER people tell us how awesome we are.  We feel we are awesome already, and we want other people to think we are awesome.

The proofs in once the shine is lost – will they do that? The shine is great in the beginning of relationships, they tell you how awesome you are, but once you are together 5, 10 years – do they still do that? THAT’s the measure of a (wo)man.

On the other hand, Brad Pitt did it publicly all over all media , and he still ended up divorced.  So maybe it’s all futile.

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