Adult spaces

A house with two lounges

I am amazed at how much of your life kids take over. I know they are a huge part of your life, but who said they have to take over your life?

More than that. They take over your life spaces.
For example, I rarely go to the loo and am uninterrupted. Even at 13 and 11, my kids are quite comfortable coming into the toilet upon which I am enthroned , and having a conversation with me!! Seriously!
Part of me is thrilled that they have no aversion to the human body and its functions, and part of me has that wish to be a man because they seem to be able to sit undisturbed on the toilet for more than just a few minutes!

None the less, kids take over. They borrow your pens, then your clothes, and finally your car no doubt. (Mine will be so old by then they can have it !)
They spread themselves in the house with gay abandon. A shirt here, shoes there, bags everywhere.
So when I finally cottoned on that that would be the case,  (very early on, like the first child was 1), I sectioned off two areas designated as ‘adult zones’.  Actually I should call them ‘the people that run the house, pay all the bills and are exhausted and need a break zones‘ – but that would be way too long to type all the time.
So I have only two zones designated a adult zones. Only two.

One is my bedroom. No kids stuff allowed in there.
And the other is the lounge. MY Lounge.

Now don’t think me mean. I provided the kids with their own Lounge.  TV, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, pc, laptop, 2 x Playstations, wifi, the works. Games, DVDs, board games , stationery, painting equipment, toys, stereo, iPod connection and charger.
Heck, I provided it all.  In the understanding that it simply was not cool to hang around with parents , and they really didn’t want to watch the stuff I did!

Not that the kids cant watch our tv, thats not the story, they can, they just have to watch what I want to watch. At a push they can watch something else when I am not there – if they ask first (and the answer from me will usually be a no). Fair deal.

I don’t have the plethora of toys they have. (But I do have Sky, it’s the only indulgence I have, so I think I deserve it.)

So you can understand my shear and utter irritation, when  a pc is attached to the big TV in the LOUNGE and I find ‘person H’  happily showing ‘person I’  how online games can now be played on the BIG screen! (Cue “oooooooooh” and “aaaaahhh” sounds).  Using this enormous tv as a bloody screen!

In the ADULT lounge.

Am I unreasonable? Is it so much to ask that I don’t have to be relegated to my bedroom all the time to watch what I want? Is it?
We have 3 laptops in the house , and 2 pcs.  Isn’t that sufficient hardware so as to do games and / or homework on?
Yes, occasionally I let my kids do homework on the dining room table. I believe that may be acceptable, due to the fact that I gave up the dining room  to allow for their tv/teenager pad, and that room only has one desk. We also put PC in the TV room to do homework on. And we have a desk, and the kids each have a desk in their rooms ( well, the boys do, the girl has so much make-up we can’t see the desk anymore).
So tell me please, why any kid should need to do ANYTHING. In my lounge? Ever?

I don’t get it. I really don’t. I don’t think I’m being unfair. We do movie  nights, we even do games nights in the ADULT lounge, so it’s not totally exclusive, but I wish it was. Unfortunately the house doesn’t lend itself to that.

Even when they are adults, I don’t want them to have any say in the  ADULTS lounge. That’s because it’s really  ‘the people that run the house clean the house, cook the food, pay all the bills and are exhausted and need a break zone‘, and even when they turn 18 they still won’t be that. So I don’t see why they get any say in this zone. After all they have their own zone, paid for by US!

And if they want to spend time with us, they can come along, sit quietly and watch what we are watching. Have a conversation (God forbid!!!!) and actually engage with us. (That would be a novelty.)  Because that’s what ADULT lounges are meant to be about. That’s why only a TV is in there. I f you add more stuff, then it allows more stuff to take you away from PEOPLE and in to TECHNOLOGY.

If  there’s nothing on TV then you can surf the net instead of talking. You can play an online game instead of communicating with someone in your own space. It’s ridiculous. Sad too…

Now I know a lot of you won’t agree, and some for valid reasons. If you put a comment at the bottom, please be nice about it. Yes, I have strong views, but I don’t mean to be nasty, just truthful about what I think and feel. I can’t say I’m right all the time, but I can say these are my opinions. Right or wrong.

Lets hear your comments.


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