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Intuition app

Ok, so I love my iPhone.  Yes I do.

I love the Intuition App almost as much, but one can never love anything more than an IPhone I guess, except, maybe, an iTouch.
That debate may go on a while though, so I’ll stick to one thing at a time here.
I downloaded this app and I LOVE IT!
I use it for everything, and have to say the ‘pre-loaded’ shopping list is really useful!
The   Intuition app is like having a personal assistant.
Except it’s free.
And on your iPhone.
I’m sure there’s something similar for Android users on the Cozi site.

But I am ‘in happiness’ with the Intuition app. Download it , get your errands on it , calendar items, shopping list and Community stuff – it works!
It’s easy too!

Seriously people, built by a Mum, for  Mums – it ROCKS! Like someone was in my head!¬

Recommended to every stressed, time-short mum in the world!
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