Asking family favours

Not my uncle

Does asking a favour make me a moose?

I just had to ask my Uncle for A FAMILY FAVOUR.

“What’s a family favour?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s one of those favours that you have to ask, and you generally need a safe family member to do the favour. Hence asking them.

Now if you are a Londoner, you’ll know there is a great divide between North and South. South Of The River is where people who live north of the river never tread. Like they will get eaten up and never return home.

It’s weird, but it exists.

My Uncle, and cousins all live North of the river.  They come down for parties under duress, and only if offered copious amounts of free alcohol.  (It makes most parties easy and cheap when you don’t offer the free alcohol then!)

So I phoned a mutual friend first, and she was busy with her grand kids, and we don’t have any grandparents in the country, so I had to ask him.

Now, it’s a real favour if you ask him to come SOUTH OF THE RIVER, so we’ll see what happens.

If he says no, I’ll have to ask a  friend 2 hours away to come down….and he’s already offered….

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