Being a DAD


A partner, lover and husband is a very different thing to being a DAD.  Even being a father-to- be is less daunting, but when the bundle of joy finally arrives, you become a full blown DAD with responsibilities, and you are no longer a couple, you are a family.

That changes things significantly.

Whilst you may feel slightly detached from the baby during the pregnancy, one the baby has arrived, the ability to hold the baby, feed it, and even change nappies allows you the bonding time you need. Embrace these activities (no matter how smelly!) and use them to learn about your new child.  You won’t believe how much they interact, and grow, and learn, as you spend time cuddling and playing.

Babies are great mimics, they like to try do the things you do, like smile, blow raspberries, clap hands,  stick out your tongue, and so forth – try these out as the baby gets a bit older ( more than 3 months).

A new baby can be daunting. In so many ways. As a Dad, you probably still work, whilst your wife is at home nursing the baby. Sometimes, when you get home, she may be exhausted, and want to hand off the child to you, even though you’ve had a long day.  I know this is tough, but try to make it a fun experience, and take baby for 30 mins to give Mom a break. Maybe you could do bath time as your ‘special’ time with the baby.

Remember, babies don’t differentiate between mum and dad. They just want warmth, security and comfort, and will take it from anyone!  Apart from breastfeeding, there is nothing a mother can do that a dad can’t do, so don’t feel inferior.  Try to give everything a try, and work out with your partner what you are comfortable doing, and what you are not. That way, the labour will be divided, everyone will get a chance, and a break, and family life is likely to be more harmonious.

Babies don’t need moms and dads, they need good parents –and that’s YOU!  Good luck!

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