Being a step parent


Blended family face?

I am not a step parent ( yet). But I am the going to soon be the ‘mum’   side of a live -in partnership.

SO, what are the tips and tricks that you have for me? I have no experience of blended parents, all I have experience of  being a step – child. That is an experience I didn’t ask for, but got. It was HORRID!

I anticipate enormous amounts of resentment for the step-Mum. I anticipate the issues and troubles arising just to make our lives  more difficult. However, whilst that was my experience growing up, it may not be mine, and I must not taint things.

I guess that is cos that is how life is. It seems the true welfare of the child is not always paramount to the ‘ex’.  It is to my partner, but he is that way inclined.  Hopefully it  will be to his ex too.

As I get ready to expand my family, a few important things to remind myself  are:

  • Be realistic – things won’t be perfect overnight.
  • Be patient – good relationships take time and kids need to time to trust and count on you/me.
  • Limit your expectations – I know that I will probably give a lot of time, energy, love and affection that will not be returned immediately. Think of it as making small investments that may one day yield a lot of interest, but don’t expect anything in return for now.

Sounds like fun hey? Boy, I’m so glad I signed up to this gig!!!

I will try to be fair, I will try to be kind, and above all, try not to expect miracles… but one would be nice!

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