Boggle Flash – fun for the family

I was recently given a set of Boggle Flash to try out. On seeing Boggle Flash I was quite intrigued by the concept that 5 little tiles could recognise words when they were put together. So we tried it in all type of scenarios, as explained in the instructions.

The 5-letter game is quite hard, especially if given only one vowel.

The 3  to 5 letter ‘family’ game is easier for smaller children, and some of the words it accepted seemed a bit strange, like ‘sen (a bronze coin and monetary unit of Brunei)’ or ‘ser (a unit of weight in India)’ – but when we looked those words up, they were in the dictionary.

The game certainly engaged the children, and  they fought over the next turn, and loved trying new words. The tiles are easy to manage, and robust enough to allow for clumsy hands.

The box included in the package is great, all the tiles pack in neatly with the instructions, and it would be very easy to travel with.

All in all Boggle flash is an entertaining and engaging travel game, for the whole family, and a great way to draw the kids away from the dreaded TV ( or Goggle box).

We’ll be using it once a ,month in our Family Friday evenings…. you should try it!   Alternatively it’ll make a brilliant Christmas present!

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