Effective teen parenting – communication

Roller coaster teenager years

How does one handle teenagers? The overwhelming evidence around,on Mum ( and Dads) sites,  and doctors, therapists and relationship experts, is through communication.

Talk to your teenager when you are calm, and they are listening. Make it relevant and relatively short ( they have short attention spans), and meaningful.

This is what advice specialist Liz Pryor has to say :  “The key to effective parenting in teens is in the communication. If there is none, there are sure to be problems. Whatever we’re doing when communication is not happening, we need to stop doing it. Change your reactions to your son or daughter and the view to which you have become so accustomed, and find a new one.

This is not the time to throw the towel in and imagine they are all grown up and these are the choices they are making. This is the time to step in, in a way you never have and help them. Help them to see that you are the ally they want and need.

As far as consequences, and attitude, people who have a no-tolerance rule for disrespect in the home, who have implemented it since toddler-hood, are at a huge advantage. For those of you who have not had as much success for demanding respect in the home, put your seat belt on and demand it. Demand it with confidence and authority.

And remember, kids who are this age are old enough to understand what respect is. ”

Essentially, they must respect you, but you must show them respect as well ( especially for good choices / behaviour).

Now is no time for “it’s too late” or ” the damage is already done” unless you are ok with copping out on your childs life.  Get help, talk to other parents, listen to other adults, get advice, and work on it.

It’ll make you, and your teenager, a better person!

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