Foods – no, GREAT food – for babies and Mums

Bonding with your bump

Pregnant Mum foods

Foods good for babies and Mums to keep both healthy whilst you are pregnant, are very important! Pregnant mums need to eat well and include dairy products, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fat and carbohydrates in their food plan every day.

There are a few great foods that the baby growing inside you needs to have too, so have a read, and try to make sure you cover all the bases.

Broccolli – great in calcium, anti oxidants and chromium which is essential for red blood cells.

Carrots – for  vitamin A, beta-carotene, and helps bowel movements.

Citrus fruits – has a lot of uses and very good for vitamins.

Strawberries specifically are a great source of iron in your diet.

Bread,pasta, rice or potatoes will cover iron, starch, and carbohydrates, so try include at least one in your meals every day.

Tuna or sardines – for protein, but you can also eat meat, eggs or beans if you want to vary your diet. Fish twice a week is very important though.

Yoghurt – great for the dairy intake requirement, and sometimes more palatable than cheese or milk when you are pregnant, although I’ve seen friends down gallons of milk when pregnant.

Remember – you are not eating for two, you are eating to be healthy, and to feed the baby the best nutrients you can. That means regular food, often, with the right ingredients, and remember to exercise  gently and regularly too. Every little bit helps!

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