George Michael at it again….

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George Michael

Oh yay – GM’s done it again. Crashed his car after Gay Pride into a Snappy Snaps shop.

Best PR Snappy Snaps ever got!!  Not great for George though….

C’mon George, give it a rest ! Get off the drugs / booze and get a bloody life! We are SO sick of you going through life, crashing, getting off lightly, doing it all over again, and then we buy your music and you benefit from out hard earned money!!

I stopped buying his albums years ago, after the public toilet affair I think. It just got too seedy   for me, and I didn’t want my kid learning to like his music, and then giving him money ( mine or theirs). Not for me.

Definitely another one to throw on the “NOT a Role Model” pile.  Yes PLEEEEEEEAAAASE.

We need to come up with great, strong, moral people with values and things that are worth emulating and striving for. Maybe Bill Gates – nerd is cool, makes money and his Foundation does a huge amount of good.

Maybe we need more nerds in the world.

“I’m gonna go find me some!”

Will let you know when I do!

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4 Responses to “George Michael at it again….”

  1. Michelle says:

    Off the top of my head Taylor Swift and Oprah come to mind for girls. Taylor Swift because I was impressed with her being proud of her “good girl image” and shows no real desire (yet at least) to re-invent herself into a Britney or the likes. She is a teen who worked her talent and not her sexuality.

    OK Oprah may be a bit old for the tweens and teens , but her story can still inspire. Coming from the poorest of backgrounds and enduring sexual abuse at a young age, according to some that all a person needs to justify a life of self harm through drugs etc….Not Oprah, despite being an Frican American women (and come on in the 80’s of course that mattered) she worked bloody hard, kept her focus and is now one of the most powerful women in the world. And to top it off, she has never forgotten where she came from and now does a lot of good everywhere, most of which goes un reported as she truly means it. She didn’t come from wealth, just amition and hard work.

    and for the boys, you have the Jonahs brothers….whether you like their music or not…they are clean living boys doing what they love, and despite being adored by millions of tweens, teens and women, still manage to marry as a virgin…good on you boys

    Well thats all i can think of at the moment…I have a head cold, thats my excuse.


  2. […] some American judge can do this over the water then why can’t the British judge do it here to George Michael? Please […]

  3. taylor swift is releasing a new album…i can’t wait!

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