Happy New Year Everyone – 5 tips for being money savvy in 2012..

Happy New Year

Well, 2011 has been a roller coaster year.  It seems not just for me, but as I chat to friend and see a few posts on Facebook,  I notice things have been tough for a few people.

The recession has been something everyone but the VERY rich have had to contend with,  and I certainly know I have pulled in our belts with the family shopping and meals.

I now am very careful about saving and using vouchers and cash back.  I buy bulk if it is not going to go off, and I’ve managed to be very clever about the left overs. Like my Curry Prawns and my Lasagne .

I predict that 2012 is going to be a very tough year financially.. I think some of us have realised that 2011 was gonna be tough, and we cut out cloth a bit, but those that didn’t will have a very tough year in 2012 I think.

I think budgeting, vouchers, savvy shopping and money management are going to become things that people will need to learn quickly.  So learn your lessons, and then teach your kids. They always benefit from the lessons ( even if they don’t appreciate it right now) and it’s the real meaning of  ‘quality time’ in the long run.

Here are 5 tips for being money savvy in 2012..

  1. Go back to cooking. No more expensive take aways.
  2. Teach your kids to cook – it’s quality time with them – and fun!
  3. Play more family games together – uses less electricity when you turn off all those gadgets!
  4. Buy the cheaper cuts of meat in the supermarket – they taste just as good!
  5. Give up that Gym membership, and start walking every day. Graduate to running every day. Carry weights if you need extra workout. Do these with a friend and both get healthy together!

With all that said, I wish all of you a wonderful New Year, a happy, healthy 2012, and a year a head full of love and success!



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