How to Make Playdough

Great for friends coming over or cold days when you don’t want to go out now that Winter is here….

The perfect recipe for a damp/ cold afternoon, or a great party item! Also great a a present in a sealed jar with a lovely personalised label.

Play dough

Caters to 1 – 2children, double ingredients if you’r having more…or just want to make more fun things!

Playdough – Start to finish takes about 5 minutes!

2 cups of plain flour
half a cup of salt
2 teaspoons of oil
half a cup of water
4 drops of food colouring

Mix the dry ingredients together.

Add the oil and stir.

Drop in the colouring ( be careful, this stuff get everywhere and the colouring is a nightmare to clean!!)  and gradually add the water, mixing it in slowly as you pour.

Knead the colour in.

All done!  Use to make castles, knights or anything you can think of!

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