Is it all a competition?

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Life is full of surprises, It’s also full of hard work, disappointment, and happy moments. Basically it’s full of everything, and a lot of competition.

There’s competition at school to get good grades – although these days you have no idea if your grades are good or bad because they MAKE NO SENSE in the UK. Also, you can’t be compared with any of your class mates, so the competition aspect is worthless (and so are the grades in my opinion).

There’s competition to get a job. First in an interview, and then in the actual workplace to keep the job if there are more than one of you doing it. You have to be better / faster/ cleverer than the next person, and climb up the ladder.

Then there’s the pay competition – firstly with the same level co-worker, and then the male vs female competition.  The EU may say it’s illegal to pay sexes different, but many companies do, and get away with it.

Then it’s the competition for a mate, the bars, clubs, barbeques, socials, parties and competing for the guy/girl you want and hope that you get them.

Then it’s the materialistic competition, the car, house, furniture, bigger garden, more Apple devices than you friend, the latest one, etc ( don’t forget to post every purchase on Facebook)!

Then you compete for number of kids, the schools they go to, the clothes they wear, the dog you get…. etc.

You get the idea, it’s all a competition.  Yes, I get that the world works on competition, heck, I sometime LOVE competition, because when you win, there is SUCH a sense of achievement. Wahoo!! I won!! COOL!!!! Lets do it AGAIN!  That type of feeling. Nothing beats it.

But when your FRIENDS start competing with you – that gets me. I used to have a friend that was desperate to compete – cars, houses, property, phones, horses, kids, even countries.  Eventually I had to just cut them off, even though I really like them as people , but I hated knowing that they would feel obliged to up-scale their car / house / stereo if I bought a new one. It was too much hard work.

So I haven’t seen them or heard from them in 10 years. Peace reigns.

Or it did. Until I found a new bug bare with people.  Scroungers. I hate them. I HATE people that invite you for tea and then ‘lose’  their money. I HATE people that can’t bring something over like  a bottle of wine when you invite them for dinner. I was taught that was the MINIMUM of good manners. I took a box of special tea to the last dinner I was invited to , and my own drinks.

I can’t stand people who are cheap. It is horrid.

So, what do you do then? Stop seeing those people too? It’s a dilemma.

Go to their house and take nothing and eat all they offer – (what if they don’t offer anything?).

The other night I went to dinner and had to PAY for it at their house!! OK, I did pay cos they take funds for charity, but I would have thought it would be discounted!

I also hate friends who have to compete. I don’t want to compete with friends, I don’t care if you have nothing, I still like you. Just don’t say you have nothing, and they spend money like water. Cos that pisses me off.  I don’t have the latest car or clothes. I don’t care either ( much to my daughter’s horror, she hates my clothes). Yes, I competed in work, and won, but I expected to. It was work, not friendship.

I don’t get it. I don’t like it and I don’t know what to do about it.


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