I’ve been saying that for AGES!!!

You know when you read an article or a blog, and you understand exactly what that person’s saying because you’ve been saying (preaching in my case, cos I’m rather opinionated) the same thing for AGES!! ??

Don’t you just want to yell “I SAID THAT AGES AGO!”

Well, I do!

And it happens to me all the time.


Life  I read a blog that said :

Careful what you wish for, you just might get it? Forget that. I think it’s good to get what you want, especially when it teaches you to want other things. (read more here) …… and I’ve been saying that for AGES …. people just don’t seem to hear it.

I also have a thing about reading fairy tales to kids, who grow up thinking they will live a life of privilege ( with no effort required to get there) and always getting some knight on a charger to save them.  I am disturbed  by the messages this culture beams down to us, and especially our children. When you buy all the right stuff, then you’ll be happy. When you can pay off your debt that you’ve racked up for buying all that stuff, then you’ll be happy. When you get that lean body (or power and status), then you’ll be loved, feel important, feel like you have achieved whatever you have wanted to achieve.  You will feel like you have succeeded.

When you have  love, you’ll  feel complete and whole.

All you have to do is marry a prince, – and the fairy tales says everyone gets one of those, cos we are all princesses aren’t we?

We all know that’s not true. Internally. We just don’t want to believe it.  We want to be a princess. We want the life of riches and privileged.   Because we were always told that was what we deserved. What rubbish.  But we all perpetuate the lie.

True validation comes from within. Deep down we know that. But we rarely want to do the work emotionally to learn how to appreciate ourselves, we look for validation from our partners, our bosses, our jobs, our friends.  It a never ending search for happiness, which we really need to find inside.

And you know what? I’ve been saying that for AGES! ……..

So when I find another person saying the same thing  I’ve been saying….. I am so happy, and relieved I’m not the only one in the world that feels like that.

So…. what have you been saying for AGES?


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