Lets talk about self improvement.

*** warning *** Strong personal opinions are expressed in this blog. Not intended to offend anyone, just thought I should mention it.

You can achieve a better you

You can achieve too

I cannot understand why people would not want to self improve. Thats how you get to the Olympics isn’t it? Working hard and getting better at what you do? How could you not want to do that?

Ok, maybe I won’t get to the Olympics, but how could you not want to be better at say, cooking (in my case impossible but I still try), or reading, or running, or in your relationship.  How could you not?   I really don’t get it.
I, clearly, don’t get a lot.  On the other hand – perhaps I ‘get it’ a lot more than other people.
Like I don’t get how people can’t multitask. Or can’t give kids boundaries, or think underage drinking isn’t a problem. (” Oh, I know it’s a problem, but my kids allowed to cos he only does it at home …duh…. No he doesn’t only do it at home..!).
Or want to plan for the future. Or don’t save money for future purchases.
None of those make sense to me.

I’m not saying I parent perfectly, I recon I make a lot of mistakes,  but if I had to measure my parenting by other people’s comments about my kids – I’m doing ok.  However, I am divorced,  so clearly I made a mistake somewhere along the line there.

But my question really is …. When did common sense die?  When did the need to do better / be better die?

Ok, so lets say your relationship needs help. Would you try read a book to help yourself better understand your spouse?
Would you look at your actions and try change them to help the relationship?
Would you seek professional help?  I’d do all of those ! And have done!

I want to learn to be a better person, parent, partner and lover. To do that I have to read, listen, learn, hear, talk, ask, and take it all on board. Figure out myself and where I can improve. I have to do better.
Why don’t other people try do that. Has apathy got so bad these days that even our loved ones don’t deserve a better us? Really?
Heck I know we don’t help our neighbours any more, and the wider community can go fend for themselves these days. That’s the general attitude. Also, helping at any Charity has become so hard to do with all the checks they do, that many just can’t be bothered. No wonder the community loses out. Government is killing them.

But you can work on yourself. You can fix what’s broken in you. You can do better.

Aren’t you worth that?

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