Life is a merry – go – round

Life on a merry-go-round

Life is like a...

As parents you feel that life sometimes is a merry  – go – round, and you want to yell:

“STOP! I want to get OFF!”

But the music keeps playing, and the wheels keep turning. Well, at times like this it’s worth taking a breath, a walk if you can, or just making a cup of tea, and sitting down for 10 minutes to calm down.

Remember, no stressed parent is a great parent, and the babies and kids can feel it.

The other day I had to fetch the kids from school. I cycle to and from school, and the rain had been threatening all day. So, I put on my bright yellow hazard jacket, and my helmet, and the minute I get on my bike, the DOWNPOUR begins.

In a normal stressful day, this would drive me insane, and put me in a bad mood, but that day I decided to make the most of it. Seeing as I was sopping wet anyway, I rode casually to school, picked up one child, and said to her:

“Today, on the way home, the rule is you HAVE to ride through all the puddles.”

“What?” said she, incredulously.

“Yes, that’s the rule, muddy or not, you HAVE to ride through them.”

Well, she thought I’d lost my mind, but we both had an amazing time, got totally muddy, and even wetter –  if possible.

But you know what? We had FUN!  I felt light hearted, the kids loved it, and we all laughed a lot.

When we got home, we had hot baths, and clean clothes on, ate supper, and talked animatedly about how much we loved riding through puddles. After all people, it’s only water!!

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