Lindsay Lohan as a role model? Gimme a break!….

for Lingerie advert - see the boots?

Do the boots hide something?

These days children look to celebrities for role models, more than they look to their parents.

It’s a very disturbing idea that someone like Lindsay Lohan could be viewed as being someone you’d like to grow up to be like. What with her excessive lifestyle, abuse of substances, and general bad behaviour, why would a child want to be like that? Because she’s famous.
As seen above, here she is getting paid for a Lingerie advert ( image courtesy of, and she’s on the beach, wearing boots.  Not traditional beach wear…

However, the boots, it is said is to hid the alcohol monitor she is wearing on her ankle, as part of a court ruling.  Apparently this device – called a SCRAM bracelet, can tell the difference between exposure to alcohol around the bracelet and actual consumed alcohol that metabolizes through the skin.

If you consume alcohol – which Lindsay is apparently not allowed to do – it registers the metabolized alcohol as it evaporates through the skin. Clever hey?

It is a sad sign of the times, when Tweens and teenagers  look at her and think that that she’s cool. Even teenagers try to mimic her behaviour.

It is even more worrying that they see her behaviour, and still don’t realise the gravity of the situation.

There is not much  a parent can do, except explain why excessive alcohol consumption and related behaviour is bad, what damage it does to your body, and why being famous is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

It’s also better to attempt to teach you kids by example yourself, so they see a comparison of good behaviour versus simply stupid behaviour.  If you drink in moderation, don’t condone teenage drinking, explain the legal consequences of drinking under age, and teach your kids correct behaviour, hopefully they will see the good vs evil, and one day want to emulate you.

Yes, peer pressure and all that comes into play, but you are the constant in their lives.  You are their best visible role model. You CAN make a difference.  Even though you think they are ignoring you, they are watching everything you do. BE aware of that, and be smart!

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  1. tarot says:

    I even now find it difficult to believe that lindsay whom we all know as at this moment is the exact same lindsay in which starred in herbie the love bug and also mean girls. It is a complete travesty to discover how the legal courts have taken care of this as well as a hollywood firm payed off 7 figures for the story after she gets out of prison. absolutely nothing sexier then hollywood glorifying criminal activity. The full lohan family unit are fully out of their marbles. Dina along with Micheal did a really excellent job…not.

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