Meccano Mania

My family has just had a Meccano challenge.  We got 3 Meccano boxes, and agve them to the 10 (boy), 12 (girl) and 14 (boy) year old to make.

Now, most people give my son Meccano, not many people – in fact none – have ever given my daughter Meccano.

My 10 year old said it was ‘not his thing’, and passed it onto his sister. She had already chosen to do this one :

Meccano Spacechaos

Meccano Spacechaos

She plugged away, and was done in just over 2 hours.

She loved it – which is amazing for a) a girl, and b) a  child that loves nothing more than she loves TV. This actually took her away from tv!


Next we did the Dark Pirate – this was given to the 14 year old.

Now, given that he plays a lot of X-box, you’d assume dexterity in his fingers, but actually, we were wrong.  He took about 3.5 hours, and in the end said the instructions were wrong cos there were two screws and one plastic bit that didn’t fit, so the rocket launcher was all wobbly.

Strange , as the other one was very similar, and seemed to be fine. His comments were that he’d not do Meccano, as it was ‘too fiddly’ , but I think it’s also a bit too much work and effort for a teenager these days!

Dark Pirates Meccano

In order to check the validy of the  statement that it was ‘ wrong’ , I asked my daughter to take it apart and do it again.

She did this one in little less than an hour and a half, and it was perfect! All the pieces fit, and the rocket launcher was even more powerful!

So, two down one to go.

The last one was a car.

This one was also pretty easy to do.

The instructions were clear, and the car worked out really well.

Turbo car

In conclusion? Meccano is just as much for girls as it is for boys, and in our case the girls LOVE it!

So when you are buying gifts, consider this for both sexes. I wasn’t sure what to get my daughter for Christmas, but now I know for sure!

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