Moving baby to solids

Moving baby to solids

Moving baby to solids

Every Mum has her fair share of joy and sadness when the realisation comes that their baby is ready for solids. One sadness is that the baby no longer has a sole reliance on her any more for nourishment, and one joy is that Mum may now be more mobile due to her not having to be ‘on tap’ all the time.  It is a great time of emotion for her.

Dad may be greatful that he is finally allowed some quality time with his child, and feeding it eventually, as that has been the sole right of the Mum if she was only breast feeding, and he might be thrilled he’s allowed to finally participate in this activity.

Baby may be oblivious to all of this – as long as they get food, love and are comfortable, they generally are happy things.

Prepare well for the embarkation of the ‘solids’ journey. Get lots of bibs, clean cloths, small feeding spoons,weaning cups, and plenty of good baby bowls (the ones with the suction cup on the bottom are a great weaning product).

Read up on ‘Super foods’ and good beginner means ( baby rice with water) and easy meals (pureed anything).  Remember that your child does not need ‘tasty food’ as they have no idea what that is, so keep it plain and bland in the begining.  It’s really all abou the textures more than the taste in the first 2 months.

It is also  often advised you are careful when introducing cows milk – some advise you do it after your child is one to avoid a reaction or allergy to milk / cheese or lactose. This does not guarantee that they will not react, but seems to help when introduced at a later stage when the baby’s stomach is more able to cope with products heavy in milk.

Very sweet / sour/ salty food will not be appreciated. All of those should be introduced very slowly, and in minute quantities, so as not to ‘shock’ the taste buds of our children.

My children ate everything except tomatoes. They seem still to be too ‘tart / acidic ‘ for my kids, but many kids love them. I never fed my kids any sweets till they were 3 – they got all sweetness from fruits, vegetables, and any other non- sweetened food. Turns out I have one child who likes some sweet things, and one who loves savoury.  Both don’t enjoy overly sweet things, unless occasional.

Babies need to be introduced to textures, part of the weaning process, so start off with very smooth food, and gradually move up the scale until they are able to try put mashed potato in their mouths by hand. (Be warned, this is a very ‘finger food’ time, and very messy too!)

As children get older, they get more discerning, but a friend recently sent me a photo of his toddler son eating fish fingers dipped in Cherry Yoghurt – so don’t be surprised when yours is doing much the same!  As long as they are eating healthily, trying new food and enjoying them, let them do it.

Remember to check with a proper health professional if you are unsure of anything, but  also enjoy watching your child experience new things and learn healthy eating habit, and remember – what you teach them now will guide them for the rest of their life  make it count!

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