My 10 best presents this year (for me…)

With Christmas so close….Is the panic of trying to get everything done and wrapped, and  finished bearing down upon you?

Christmas is here


Well, it is bearing down on me. What with the blogging, the kids, the dog, the partner, the house, other family members etc…. I feel frazzled and flustered.

So, after all those hectic days, what would  the best present be to get for Xmas?

Here are my top 10:

1) Spa day with partner

2) Facial

3) Makeover

4) entire new outfit

5) weekend away with partner

6) A Secretary

7) A house cleaner

8) A big cash injection

9) A well trained dog – ( or a dog trainer for my dog)

10) A decorator to re-do the house

Look, I never said all of these would be sane wants. Xmas is about spending money on crazy things you don’t really need.

Hell, we’re about to spend a lot of money on kids thing that they seriously could live without.  But we’ll do it cos that’s what Christmas is about.

Or am I being a bit bah humbug? Maybe I am, but it just feels like Christmas is much more about how much you spend than what you buy these days. It’s a pity, but true.

And so, shopping almost done, I’m off to wrap.  Merry Christmas!!

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