My Child Won’t Eat – Book Review

  I recently got the opportunity to review My Child Won’t Eat – a book by Carlos Gonzalez – first published in 2005, but the second edition had just been updated and printed.

Carlos Gonzalez is a pediatrician and a father. He writes magazine articles and books, and studied in Barcelona.  It must have something about the European / seaside air, that makes this man write a book that’s just full of common sense.

I wish this book had been around when my children were young, because I’d probably have worried a lot less, and calmed down a lot more.

Especially the chapter on breastfeeding. Here in the UK, the pressure to breast feed is enormous. The sense that you are a total failure if you don’t is huge too, and despite the home care, nurses and breastfeeding groups, there doesn’t  really seem to be that much actual useful information about what is normal, healthy and what you should expect.

Carlos gives good, easy to understand information about what you should expect, what’s normal, and he also allays a few fears by giving real examples of mums who pose questions, or ask for help. Reading real life situations often helps, because one can often recognise similar situations in your life, and the answers then make much more sense.

The book is written in clear, concise, and somehow rather assuring language, and finally makes one feel that  there are other ways to approach difficult situations, or some of the ‘great unknown’ questions.

He offers useful information, such as average weight gains, and potential needs, and he also explains that you needn’t panic when your children don’t want to eat, and why you shouldn’t panic.

Not everyone will agree with  Carlos Gonzalez. Those that like regimented schedules, precise feeding times, and regular amounts eaten, will not want to read about being more flexible, and letting your child eat less if the y feel like it. However, I think it’s a great book. I like what he has to offer,and for those that are not in need of scheduled lives, I recommend you read it. You never know, you might just learn a thing or two!

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