My nose is runnning today ……

It’s been a long winter, and I have had a cold for 9 weeks. The weather never seems to dry up, and so neither does my cold!  It’s horrid and I am truly sick of it.

I managed to get rid of the cold for 3 days on holiday and the second we got home it came back with a vengeance.

What a pain.

Of course I watch the TV and there is an advert on TV that says if you have a cough for linger than 3 weeks you should go see the doctor cos it may be something else.

Or it may not – it may be a cold. A constant runny nose, a sore throat. That’s what it is.  All day every day.

So I just live with the cold and the runny nose and the sore throat. I take a few paracetamol  and I buy LOTS of tissues.  Tissues are positioned everywhere in the house and every pocket I have has one in. It’s all about being prepared.

How come Forest Gump ran and got famous, and my nose does and didn’t  get famous? Because it’s not a famous nose like Jennifer Aniston, or Rosie. Oh well, I like it anyway.

So, if anyone out there has a great cold remedy, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll carry on and hope summer arrives soon so it’s not so cold and dank and the moss stops growing and the sun dries everything out.  We really need that!

Have a great summer all!

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