Older and wiser or not?

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I recently was interviewed by the Sunday Telegraph for an article on marriages with large age discrepencies….

The article obviously came up because Bryan Ferry married a much younger woman.  I think it’s an interesting  question, whether the age makes a huge difference, and after all is said and done, it does.

Basically it’s because you are in two different world, brought up in different eras, and with most likely different values.  It’s not that you are not compatible, it’ s just that overcoming the differences is quite hard once the initial attraction wanes a bit.  Especially once you add children into the mix.

I don’t think you understand that when you first get into it, and it gradually become aware of it as time goes by. It’s not anyone’s fault, and I guess I went into my marriage with my eyes wide open.  But I guess when the goal posts change, by plan or fluke, it changes everything, and you have to be able to weather the storm, or go back to port and disembark.

So I wish Bryan Ferry a long and happy marriage, and hope he weathers the storm. It’s not easy, but he does have a lot of life experience and quite a bit of money to help smooth the way. That might help. For all the others out there – don’t regret anything  you do, learn from the experience and move on. I’ve got two wonderful kids as a result, and I’m happily involved again.

Life moves on, so should you.

Read the article here Old enough to know better





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