Easy Bacon Carbonara

My son cooks in school every Thursday. Generally I manage to hear about what he needs on a Wednesday evening. That means I need to have the ingredients to hand, which I normally don’t. So here’s an easy Bacon Carbonara.

What NOT to buy in a car

Aren’t I the princess in trying to please other people?
So now I’m stuck with a huge tank (nice colour though), that I really don’t like.

I’ve been saying that for AGES!!!

True validation comes from within. Deep down we know that. But we rarely want to do the work emotionally to learn how to appreciate ourselves, we look for validation from our partners, our bosses, our jobs, our friends. It a never ending search for happiness, which we really need to find inside.

runny nose

My nose is runnning today ……

So, if anyone out there has a great cold remedy, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll carry on and hope summer arrives soon so it’s not so cold and dank and the moss stops growing and the sun dries everything out. We really need that!

Turkey Carbonara

But now we have all those Turkey leftovers from Christmas, and I was wondering if you could substitute the ham for the turkey in a Carbonara?

Paradise – for sale in Seychelles – and Pictures

Looking for a stunning villa to buy on a private Island serviced by a seven star hotel ? Here it is!

The shooting in Connecticut

I mourn for those families that have lost loved ones yesterday – I mourn for the generation we are bringing up, and I mourn for the standards that were so important to out Grandparents and parents. I despair for the future.

My son is growing up.

What he warns parents against specifically is confusing puberty with maturity. What he tells parents is that the physical changes signal the end of puberty, but the child may still be in a younger emotional age. In other words, don’t confuse puberty, which is physical, with adolescence, which is a process of maturing both physically and emotionally.

Great books for kids

A fantastic series of books written by John Flanagan for kids to read. My son really loves them and has told me so much that I decided to try read them too.

I love them! They are fun, great teach great morals, and have lovely adventurous stories. Get them from your library, or click these links to buy them on Amazon.

Enjoying a date

Is technology killing your relationship?

Are you like me and HATE how technology has come between you and your partner? How it’s inveigled itself into your conversation ( or now lack of it). How they check their screens all the time, dive on it when it buzzes. Run upstairs when it beeps – enough to just about break a leg.

Modern communication

Einstein was right

Albert Einstein:
“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

You can achieve a better you

Lets talk about self improvement.

But my question really is …. When did common sense die? When did the need to do better / be better die?

Adult spaces

I am amazed at how much of your life kids take over. I know they are a huge part of your life, but who said they have to take over your life?

More than that. They take over your life spaces.

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